Davy de Vries

Developer ยท Prepr

Eager to learn, analytical, problem solver

So who is Davy anyway? I'm a full-stack developer, wantrepreneur and full of ideas.

I like to help everyone with development issues like CSS, PHP etc. So they can improve their skillsets.


Laptop: 13" MacBook Pro, 2.3GHz 4-Core i5, 8GB of RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655, 2018
Monitor: 34" 4K curved LG 34UC87M
Accessories: Magic Keyboard 2, Magic Trackpad 2
Desk: IKEA SKARSTA sit/stand desk
Chair: Orangebox ARA-MBA


IDE: PhpStorm
Repo management: Tower and GitHub
Browsers: Safari and Chrome

Development tools

SVGOMG, Fontawesome, Laravel Telescope

Development stack

Laravel, Neo4j, Vue.js, TailwindCSS


Envoyer, Google Domains


I'm currently working for Prepr located in The Netherlands. We're developing a Headless CMS. With an excellent small team for large media companies worldwide.


My partner and I built an escape room themed as a hotel. When escapers come to play, we fulfil the role of a concierge. At the moment we are in the top 30 of the 1100+ rooms in the Benelux. Quite crazy actually.

Stack Overflow

I am an immense fan of dark mode, so I recommend everyone to implement it in their web application. I have a very comprehensive answer on Stack Overflow.
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